Hawley-Lambert strikes strategic partnership with Danish e-bike brand

Hawley-Lambert has reach an agreement with Promovec, a Danish e-bike brand, to distribute Promovec-made e-bikes in the U.S. and Canada, under the distributor's EVO brand. Available next month in Canada and May in the United States, the EVO e-bikes will retail between $1,500 and $2,000. 

"Our mission is to equip retailers for success and that includes giving them products that make sense for their business," said Pat McGinnis, the vice president of commercial for Hawley-Lambert. "The beauty of the Promovec system is in its simplicity — there are very few parts, the parts are engineered for durability and the entire system can quickly and easily be serviced right in the shop – that's a win for the retailer."

The agreement gives Hawley-Lambert access to a host of Promovec e-bike products to use under its EVO brand.

Steven Harad, the EVO product manager for Hawley-Lambert, said, "Promovec delivers a lot of thoughtful, well-designed products that we believe will appeal to North American retailers and consumers – the durability and serviceability of Promovec products will give them peace of mind."

Jesper Lundqvist, Promovec's CEO, said, "At both Hawley-Lambert and Promovec we have a common perception of how a bicycle should look. Also, at Promovec we have extensive experience manufacturing e-bikes and Hawley-Lambert has the knowledge and the distribution set-up required to market the e-bikes in the massive North American market."

For 2018 EVO is launching four Promovec-equipped models: a casual city/path model, a performance hybrid, a folding city model and a mountain bike. All have Promovec hub-drive systems. 

Promovec, based in Aarhus, was founded in 2001 and employs 34 people with locations in Denmark, Germany, U.K. and China.